Want to know what I'm all about?

My name is Amanda Hanson (she/her). I'm a Style Coach, a mom of two. I have a healthy relationship with bacon and red lipstick.
I started simplySTYLISH in 2017 and ...
1. I prioritize how we feel over how we look. Yes, even as a style coach. I don’t care what you look like. I care about how you feel & the relationship you have with yourself.
2. I will never shame you or pressure you to work on your wardrobe. Not everyone cares. Not everyone is ready. But I’m here for when & if you ever are.
3. I value teaching you over doing it for you. Having someone tell you what to do or not do is not empowering. Instead, I teach you knowledge & tools so that YOU feel more empowered in your choices.
4. I swear. I don’t swear AT people. I use it to emphasize my passion & communication.
5. I love to learn, so if I do or say something harmful, I am always open to learning & changing. One of my core values is inclusivity & I’m always unlearning & learning to be better at this. 
6. I live my life and run my business through an intersectional feminist lens.  I understand that everyone has overlapping identities — including race, class, ethnicity, religion & sexual orientation — which can impact the different ways we experience oppression & discrimination. I do my best to use inclusive language and to run an ethical business that does not further oppress people.
7. I challenge systems of oppression. I challenge our conditioning that keeps us staying small. I challenge the status quo & I will rebel against rules. I also approach this when it comes to our bodies and style. 
8. I’m anti-diet culture & I actively work on dismantling it. I want body autonomy, freedom & liberation for all bodies. I recognize thin privilege & I want to be an ally to fat activists. I’m tired of the patriarchy & diet industries convincing people that thin is best at all costs. It’s harmful. It’s oppressive & it kills people. Health and happiness is not determined by size. 
9. I love to read fantasy novels & hike.
10. I’m afraid of needles & cats.
I hope we can get to know each other better!




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